Bazil Meade

He is a singer, pianist, and charismatic director who has been part of the music industry for over three decades. He is the founder and director of the prestigious The London Community Gospel Choir and one of the most respected and valued figures in the British music industry. With his choir, he has performed on great stages and acted in many countries around the world.

Under his leadership and advice, some of the best gospel and R’n’B singers in the UK have emerged. Through his agency Choir Connexion, he supplies vocalists for all kinds of imaginable events, but as a multifaceted man, Bazil Meade not only sings and plays the piano in concerts but also writes songs and organizes vocal and choral harmonies.

He was the musical director of the West End musical theme production ‘Mama I want to sing’ and the BBC movie ‘Hallelujah Anyhow.’ He is known for his neatness in studio sessions; a sample of his arrangement skills can be appreciated in the song «Tender» by the group Blur, where he was in charge of vocal arrangements.

Other renowned artists who have benefited from his experience include Martine McCucheon, Phats & Small, Billie, Lynden David Hall, or Mel B, for whom he organized the choir and composed the music for her wedding. He also arranged the vocal arrangements for the song «World At Your Feet,» the anthem that was performed at the final of the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium.

His vocal coaching skills are another area where Bazil’s skills are highly appreciated and demanded. Through the years, he has instructed singers such as Yazz, Eterna, Louise, Dina Carroll, as well as hundreds of students who attend his vocal workshops, with the intention of learning or improving their singing skills.


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